Adam Simms
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Eye color


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Eva Beadle (wife)
Luke Simms (son)


Eva Beadle

Behind the scenes
First appearance

412: Here Comes the Brides

Latest appearance

412: Here Comes the Brides


Adam Simms was a widower and succesful pig farmer. He his son Luke later move to the town of Walnut Grove where he sets up his pig farm. His son soon falls into a relationship with local girl Nellie Oleson. However, Nellie's Mother Harriet Oleson tries to end the relation by sending Miss Beadle the school's teacher to meet with Adam and to stop Luke and Nellie from meeting each other.

Adam instantly takes a liking to Miss Beadle and they both start their own relationship. Although Adam would have to end Luke and Nellie's plans of marrige when they ran away to wed. Adam stated that Luke was too young for marriage. However, Adam and Miss Beadle then marry each other that night.

Adam and his wife would go on to have another son. Later when Walnut Grove faced difficult economic times, Adam along with his family would leave town.


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