Alice Garvey
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Dark Blond


in the fire at the blind school trying to save Adam Kendall Jr.


Harold (first husband - divorced)
Jonathan Garvey (husband)
Andrew Garvey (son)

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May We Make Them Proud (Part 1)

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Hersha Parady


Alice Garvey was the wife of Jonathan Garvey.


Alice Garvey was the wife of Jonathan Garvey and mother of Andrew Garvey. She was raised by her mother who ran a boarding house, and was first married to a man named Harold while still a young girl, they divorced soon after. Harriet Oleson learns about this in the episode Crossed Connections which leads to havoc for the Garvey family, especially for Alice Garvey.

In the episode The High Cost of Being Right the Garvey's barn burns down, and Alice takes a job at the post office. Jonathan believes its a man's job to support the family, in attempt to resolve their issues by getting a divorce. When the divorce procedure is in progress, it results in a laughing matter, and they resolve their differences. Alice was for a time the teacher at Walnut Grove Church and School. While teaching there, she exposed Nelli's attempt to cheat on her exams. (Episode 511: The Cheaters)


Alice died in a fire at the blind school, which was accidentally started by Albert Ingalls and a friend. Hester-Sue Terhune found the fire in the basement and Mary, Hester-Sue, Adam, and Alice evacuated all the kids. She died trying to get Adam and Mary's baby, Adam Kendall Jr., out of his crib and out of the house, after telling Mary she would take care of him as Mary helped the other children escape. A blind child named James got stuck in the bathroom and Alice delayed the baby's escape to save him. By the time she got to the baby, the room was in flames. Alice panicked, became trapped in the baby's room, and burned to death. The last glimpse of Alice is when she breaks the window only to be totally covered in flames. They later find her body in the ruins. Jonathan, her husband, at first blamed the accident on God and began drinking, but he eventually realized he was mistaken. (Episode 618: May We Make Them Proud (Part 1), Episode 619: May We Make Them Proud (Part 2))


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