Biographical information



August 3,1870


Carrie Ingalls (friend/godsister)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Episode:514 The Godsister

Last appearance

Episode: 514 The Godsister


Sidney Greenbush


Elissa was a young girl that Carrie Ingalls imagined. Elissa was identical to Carrie but she wore a white dress and carried a wand like a fairy. Carrie and her imaginary friend Elissa would play together in imaginary fairy dream world and even went to heaven for a visit and met the Ingalls family's old dog Jack. Later, Carrie forgot Elissa was imaginary and tried to bring her father Charles Ingalls to meet her but Charles soon convinced her that Elissa was not real. However as they leave Elissa's fairy wand is seen on the grass showing that she is actually real. (Episode 514: The Godsister)

Behind The Scenes

  • Both the twins Sidney and Lindsay Greenbush appeared in this episode.

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