William John Bertanzetti
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October 25, 1924


December 23, 2000

Behind the scenes

Billy Barty was a Pennsylvania actor who guest starred twice on the NBC Little House on the Prairie television series, and also The Waltons.


  • Half a Hero
  • Mickey's Eleven: Billy McGuire
  • No Kidding
  • Idle Eyes: Baby
  • The Cockeyed Family
  • Mickey in School: Billy McGuire
  • Mickey the Detective: Mickey's Brother
  • Mickey's Midnite Follies: Mickey's Brother
  • Mickey's Surprise: Mickey's Brother
  • Mickey's Mix-Up: Mickey's Brother
  • Mickey's Big Moment: Mickey's Brother
  • Mickey's Strategy: Mickey's Brother
  • Mickey's Champs: Billy McGuire
  • Mickey's Master Mind: Mickey's Brother
  • Mickey's Luck: Billy McGuire
  • Follow the Swallow
  • Mickey's Whirlwinds: Mickey's Brother

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