• NellieOleson

                                                               Little house on the Prairie,

       If You are interested in knowing about the story of Little house on the Prairie, then here is a small sample of an article.

        The story is about a little girl named, Laura Elizabeth Ingalls. (Wilder in her teen years I think still doing research.) And Laura had 1 older sister Marry Ingalls, then she had 2 younger sisters, Carrie Ingalls, and Grace Ingalls. She also had 1 younger brother, his name was, Charles Fredrick Ingalls.

    Charles Ingalls was Laura's father, and Caroline was her mother.'''''Her first book "Little house in the big woods" in the year 1932. 

    I will give more details on Laura Ingalls and most of the characters. Soon LORD willing. :)

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  • LydiaRose121

    Nellie Oleson

    January 20, 2014 by LydiaRose121

    Nellie Oleson from Little House On The Prairie was a spoiled and very mean little girl, but I always was a big fan of her because she always was very pretty, even if her looks were deceiving. Nellie Oleson was rivals (enemies) with Laura Ingalls when they were little girls. I can't say I blame Nellie sometimes Laura did start trouble with Nellie alot of times. Laura Defanitley had no right whatsoever to say that she hated Nellie Oleson, on many episodes Laura set a bad example on other kids how? by always fighting with Nellie. I don't think Laura Ingalls really acted that way in real life. But I guess Michael Landon just wanted to change things. Like I said I've always been a fan of Nellie Oleson and always will be.

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  • Helen Grass


    September 2, 2013 by Helen Grass

    OK, this is my first blog post, so I'm not sure how to start. Anyway. About my favourites on LHOTP.

    Fave Book... Has to be Little House on the Prairie

    Character... Laura. But I do have a soft spot for Caroline Ingalls too.

    Episode... The Pilot, Country Girls, The Last Farewell. The Last Farewell made me cry at the end. And I'm normally SO not a crying person, by the way. But it was so sad, seeing Walnut Grove being blown up after watching it for nearly ten years!

    Actress (from LHOTP)... Oh, this has to be Karen Grassle, but Melissa Gilbert did a great job too.

    Actor (from LHOTP)... Um, not sure, but I think it must be Dean Butler. And Victor French!

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  • Kiara M249


    August 20, 2013 by Kiara M249

    Suggestion for the main page header:

     The encyclopedia about Little House on the Prairie that anyone can edit.

    Our database contains articles and images since January 6th, 2008.


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  • Ducksplash

    How To

    June 29, 2012 by Ducksplash

    OK, So I was thinking and I'm making this blog to tell a lot of How To's. I will update this from time to time and if needed, I will rename this to a wiki page. I hope this helps!

    This is an example of how to do references.

    Nellie and Laura hated each other. But now they are good friends.

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

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  • Ww12

    Dan news

    March 26, 2011 by Ww12

    I just got this profile and I think it is cool! You should look up my wiki and put pics!00:22, March 26, 2011 (UTC)~~Dan

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