Busby was a man living in the area of Walnut Grove.


Busby's background was unknown nor was it known what he did for a living. He lived in a small cabin somewhere between the Taylor residents and a lake swam in by Laura, Mary, Carrie, and Ellen. The locals including Charles feared he might be dangerous and told the girls to stay away from him. On the day Ellen died, he was seen watching the girls as they passed by to the lake. After Mrs. Taylor locked Laura in the apple cellar, she took the things Laura had brought and put them on Busby's property. This made Busby look as if he took Laura, making him the main suspect, also due to the fact that Mary said she cut across his place on her way to the Taylor residence.

He was hunted down by the town and hid up a tree but was spotted and ran away and was shot down by Mr. Taylor but not killed. As he was recovering in Doc. Baker's office he told Charles and Mr. Garvey that the he knew nothing of the whereabouts of Laura and simply found her picture book and only wanted to look at its pictures. After the incident was over, Laura came to Busby's place and loaned him her picture book as a token of friendship. He was apparently no longer feared. (Episode 403: My Ellen

Behind the Scenes

Busby was played by Ken Johnson.

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