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Caroline Celestia Carrie Ingalls was the third child of Charles and Caroline Ingalls.

Carrie Season One

Name: Carrie Ingalls
Born: August 30,1870
Family: Charles Ingalls (father)
        Caroline Ingalls (mother)
        Mary Ingalls Kendall (sister)
        Laura Ingalls Wilder (sister)
        Grace Ingalls (sister)
        Albert Quinn Ingalls (adoptive brother)
        Cassandra Ingalls (adoptive sister)
        James Cooper Ingalls (adoptive brother)
 First Appearance:

Last Appearance:
Look Back To Yesterday

Lindsay Greenbush and Sidney Greenbush


Prior to the birth of Grace, Carrie was always the baby in the family. When the Ingalls family first moved to Walnut Grove, Carrie stayed home with Caroline, since she was too young to go to school. When she was old enough however, Carrie did go to school.

Carrie was very close to her adopted sister Cassandra when she and her older brother James came to live with the Ingalls.

Sometimes Carrie was shown to have a wild imagination. In season five she dreamed that she had a fairy godsister named Alyssa that looked just like her, and she believed Alyssa was real. Later, her Pa convinced her that Alyssa was in her imagination, and she made up the character out of loneliness.

Carrie, unlike her brothers and sisters, seemed to grow up slowly. She always wanted to share rooms with Laura. When the Ingalls family moved to Winoka, Carrie excitedly exclaims, "I get to sleep with Laura just like Mary used to!", while Laura wasn't looking forward to it.

Behind the scenes

Carrie was played by twin sisters Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush throughout the series.

When they grew up more, you could tell who is who, but in the beginning, only the cast and crew knew who was the one on the big screen.


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