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Charles Frederick Ingalls
Biographical information


Ethnic group



November 1,1875


August 27,1876


Charles Ingalls (father)
Caroline Ingalls (mother)
Mary Ingalls Kendall (sister)
Laura Ingalls Wilder (sister)
Carrie Ingalls (sister) Grace Ingalls (sister)

Behind the scenes
First appearance

114: The Lord is My Shepherd, Part 1

Latest appearance

114: The Lord is My Shepherd, Part 1


Charles Frederick "Freddie" Ingalls was the fourth child of Caroline and Charles Ingalls.


Charles was born about one year after the Ingalls' arrival in Walnut Grove and was the son that Charles had always wanted. Charles adored him, making Laura jealous. He died shortly after his birth when he was not gaining any weight but eating a lot. Later, Laura blamed herself for his death by not praying for his good health. Charles Frederick was only natural-born male child Charles and Caroline ever had. Caroline goes and visits his grave during her pregnancy with Grace.

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