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David Rose

David Rose composing music.

David Rose (June 15, 1910 - August 23, 1990) was a London-born musician and composer who wrote the music for Little House on the Prairie, Highway to Heaven, Father Murphy, and Bonanza. In addition, Rose was musical director for The Red Skelton Show during its 21-year run on the CBS and NBC networks.

Although David Rose was born in London, he was raised in Chicago, Illinois. Rose was married three times: first to actress Martha Raye, then to actress and singer Judy Garland in 1941; they divorced in 1945. His third wife was Betty Bartholomew; they were married until his death.

In addition to his television work, he released many records, including the classic novelty instrumental single "The Stripper," which went to #1 in 1963. In total, Rose won 11 awards including four Emmy awards for musical scores which included Bonanaza, Little House on the Prairie, and Father Murphy. He died on August 23, 1990, in Burbank California, from a heart attack.

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