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Dean Butler played Almanzo Wilder on Little House on the Prairie. Dean Butler was born on may 20th 1956 (age 56). Dean's first apperance on little house on the prairie was in the episode S06E01 (Back to school part 1), he was in his mid twenties at the time. He married katherine cannon in 2002 and they sadly have no children.


  1. S06E01 Back To School Part  1
  2. S06E02 Back To School Part 2
  3. S06E05 Annabelle
  4. S06E10 The Faith Healer
  5. S06E13 Angry Heart
  6. S06E14 The Werewolf of Walnut Grove
  7. S06E17 Silent Promises
  8. S06E19 Wilder and Wilder
  9. S06E21 Sweet Sixteen
  10. S06E22 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Part 1
  11. S06E23 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not Part 2
  12. S07E01 Laura Ingalls Wilder Part 1
  13. S07E02 Laura Ingalls Wilder Part 2
  14. S07E04 Fight Team Fight
  15. S07E06 Portrait of Love
  16. S07E07 Divorce Walnut Grove Style
  17. S07E09 The In Laws
  18. S07E12 Oleson vs Oleson
  19. S07E14 The Nephews
  20. S07E16 Goodbye, Mrs Wilder
  21. S07E20 I Do, Again
  22. S08E03 Growin Pains
  23. S08E04 Dark Sage
  24. S08E05 A Wiser Heart
  25. S08E07 The Legend Of Black Jake
  26. S08E08 Chicago
  27. S08E10 Wave Of The Future
  28. S08E11 A Christmas They Never Forgot
  29. S08E12 No Beast So Fierce
  30. S08E13 Stone Soup
  31. S08E14 The Legacy
  32. S08E15 Uncle Jed
  33. S08E16 Second Chance
  34. S08E17 Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow Part 1
  35. S08E18 Days of Sunshine, Days of Shadow Part 2
  36. S08E19 A Promise To Keep
  37. S09E01 Times Are Changing Part 1
  38. S09E02 Times Are Changing Part 2
  39. S09E03 Welcome To Olesonville
  40. S09E04 Rage
  41. S09E05 Little Lou
  42. S09E06 Wild Boy Part 1
  43. S09E07 Wild Boy Part 2
  44. S09E08 The Return of Nellie
  45. S09E09 The Empire Builders
  46. S09E10 Love
  47. S09E11 Alden's Dilemma
  48. S09E12 Marvin's Garden
  49. S09E13 Sins of the Fathers
  50. S09E14 The Older Brothers
  51. S09E15 Once Upon A Time
  52. S09E16 Home Again Part 1
  53. S09E17 Home Again Part 2
  54. S09E18 A Child With No Name
  55. S09E19 The Last Summer
  56. S09E20 For The Love Of Blanche
  57. S09E21 May I Have This Dance
  58. S09E22 Hello and Goodbye
  59. S10E01 Look Back to Yesterday
  60. S10E02 Bless All the Dear Children
  61. S10E03 The Last Farewell

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