Ed Stacy was a man who lived in the area surrounding Walnut Grove.


Ed found Joseph Coulter's abandoned horse team on the road about mile from his place a short time after Coulter's accident. He was approached by Charles Ingalls while he was searching for Coulter. When asked if he had seen a man fitting Coulter's description, he said he did not see anyone like Coulter. As Charles was about to leave, he revealed to him that he had found a team on the road that Charles came from. Now knowing this, Charles now had an idea of where Coulter was and rushed to the seen. As Charles was leaving, he remarked that he intended to write to the livery in Minneapolis about the team but had not gotten around to it, and as Charles left he assured Charles that he did not steal the team but rather found it.

He seemed rather put out about the idea of not being able to keep the team he found. (Episode 122: Money Crop)

Behind the scenes

Ed Stacy was played by Ted Gehring.

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