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Eliza Jane Wilder

Eliza Jane Wilder
Played by Lucy Lee Flippin
Gender Female
Debut Back to School
Occupation Teacher

Eliza Jane Wilder is the sister of Royal and Almanzo Wilder and the sister in law of Laura Ingalls Wilder. She was the teacher in Walnut Grove during seasons six and seven.

Eliza was an intellectual and utterly dedicated to her teaching career but her personal life was that of a lonely woman. Being a very shy and repressed woman, she rarely when out on social occasions and usually went straight home after teaching school. She was a very sensitive women while in class and was not prepared to deal with disruptive students as with the time a bully boy named Bart abused students and didn't do what he was told, a situation which caused her great pain and hurt and nearly caused her to quit teaching school at Walnut Grove School.

She was never close to a man and never kissed a man. She had a chance to fall in love with a man when she befriended Harve Miller, spending some time together sharing each others feelings. There relationship ended when it was revealed that Harve Miller was already engaged to be married.

She lived with her brother Almanzo and was known to regularly mend things for him such as his clothing. She, also, kept a regular diary.


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