Little House on the Prairie
Season 1, Episode 104
Air date September 25, 1974
Written by Ward Hawkins
Directed by William F. Claxton
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The Ingalls are settling in quite well until a severe hailstorm ruins their crops. Charles and some of the other farmers are forced to look for work elsewhere and eventually find employment in a quarry. While Charles is away, Caroline takes charge and is able to get the women of Walnut Grove to join forces and harvest the remaining crops.


 * Michael Landon: Charles Ingalls


  • Look quickly at Charles' foot as he removes his boot by the campfire. That familiar-looking sock he's wearing is a Rockland brand red-heel sock. Though the show's wardrobe people probably weren't even aware of it, Nelson Knitting Mills didn't begin manufacturing the famous sock until 1880, when Laura Ingalls Wilder was 13 years old. If it looks familiar, it's because these are the socks that are made into famous "sock monkeys." In fact, Rockland formally sells them as "The Sock Monkey Sock," and since 1921, instructions on how to make a monkey are included with each pair sold.
  • Charles mentions to Caroline that Lars Hanson has
    , "one of those new McCormick reapers." Even if this episode is supposed to take place as early as the mid-1870's, the McCormick reaper was already old. It was invented in 1831 and was in mass production by 1847.
  • You will notice that Mary and Laura's calico dresses are down past their knees in this episode. In the pilot episode and the first 2 episodes of this season, they were above the knee. This is possibly because Mary and Laura were teased when they first went to school.
  • If you watch quickly when Charles shows his family the new horses he has bought, you can clearly see somebody's hand push the first horse out of the stable.



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LHOP S01E03 The 100 Mile Walk

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