LHOP S01E05 The Love of Johnny Johnston46:03

LHOP S01E05 The Love of Johnny Johnston

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Little House on the Prairie
Season 1, Episode 6
Episode 6
Air date October 9, 1974
Written by Gerry Day
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Episode 105: Mr. Edwards' Homecoming
Episode 107: If I Should Wake Before I Die

Laura's crush on a much older student, Johnny Johnson, is unrequited. His interest in Mary results in sibling rivalry between the two normally close sisters. Eventually Charles explains to her that someday she, like Mary, will have many beaus vying for her.


Laura falls in love with a new student, Johnny Johnson. Johnny, who is older than Laura, is quite interested in her older sister Mary. Although Mary is not interested in Johnny, Laura's actions cause tension between the sisters.



  • The song that Pa plays on his fiddle "that's guaranteed to put Carrie to sleep" is one of the main themes of the show.
  • This is the first time that Laura dresses up for school to impress a boy, but it's not the last. She also does it in Season 4's The Rivals and Season 6's Back to School.
  • In the final scene, young Laura has a crying scene with Charles. Melissa Gilbert (Laura) has said in previous interviews that sometimes, when she really needed to get in a crying mode, Michael Landon (Charles) would call her over and crouch down in front of her, with tears pouring down his face, and he would say, "Do you have ANY idea how much I love you?" and that was enough to make Gilbert tear up. "He'd say, 'Okay, are you ready'?" Gilbert once said in an interview, "and we would just nail these scenes. I didn't feel manipulated in any way. He made me feel so special, and so loved."
  • Laura's infatuation with Johnny in this episode is only the beginning of her obvious preference for older men in the series. When she falls in love with Almanzo, he is also a significant amount older than she (at least 10 years).


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