LHOTP S01E06 If I Should Wake Before I Die44:27

LHOTP S01E06 If I Should Wake Before I Die

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Little House on the Prairie
Season 1, Episode 7
Episode 7
Air date October 23, 1974
Written by Harold Swanton
Directed by Victor French
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Episode 106: The Love of Johnny Johnson
Episode 108: Town Party, Country Party

After the death of her dear friend, Miss Amy feels lonely for her family. While talking to the Ingalls' girls at her funeral, Laura declares it is not fair for loved ones to ignore a birthday and always show up for a funeral. Miss Amy decides to stage her own death and enlists the help of Doctor Baker and Charles Ingalls.


Miss Amy, an elderly woman, feels very much alone after the death of her friend. She convinces the Ingalls and Doc Baker to help her stage her own death, believing that this is the only way her family will visit her. [1]



  • Robin Muir, who plays Miss Amy's little granddaughter Maureen, appears again as Charles Ingalls' younger sister Polly in a flashback sequence in Season 4's I Remember, I Remember.


  1. Season 1 Episode Booklet

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