Little House on the Prairie
Season 1, Episode 9
Episode 10
Air date November 13, 1974
Written by Ward Hawkins
Directed by Michael Landon
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Episode 109: Ma's Holiday
Episode 111: The Raccoon

When Miss Beadle is injured and ordered to rest per Doc Baker, Caroline takes over as substitute teacher of Walnut Grove School. During her tenure, an uneducated youth named Abel enrolls. Abel is relentlessly teased because he is illiterate. Eventually, the harassment and Mrs. Oleson's meddling become too much, and Caroline orders the school closed. Caroline then takes it upon herself to teach Abel to read.


Caroline becomes the substitute teacher when Ms. Beadle sprains her ankle and is unable to work. Caroline takes a special interest in helping an older student, Abel, learn to read. When Mrs. Oleson causes Abel to abandon his studies, Caroline becomes angry and resigns. She returns to her duties after she convinces Abel to give school another chance.[1]



  • Dirk Blocker's (Abel) father was Dan Blocker who was one of the main characters alongside Michael Landon on Bonanza.?


  1. Season 1 Episode Booklet

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