Little House on the Prairie
Season {{{season}}}, Episode {{{number}}}
Air date February 5, 1975
Written by Michael Landon
William Keys
Directed by William F. Claxton
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A typhus outbreak sweeps Walnut Grove, and several people become critically ill. The church is set up as a makeshift hospital-morgue while Charles, Doc Baker and Rev. Alden – all quarantined with the ill – search for the source of the plague. During the search Charles is devastated to see his dear friend Mr. Edwards sick with the typhus. However, his dear friend holds the key to the source.


Several people in Walnut Grove get very sick. The sick are quarantined in the church while the source of the illness is investigated.



  • Michael Landon's daughter Leslie appears in this episode as the sick girl Charles checks up on. Leslie would also appear in an episode of Season 5 and she would also become a recurring character in Season 9 as Miss Plum.?

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