Little House on the Prairie
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Air date October 1, 1975
Written by B.W. Sandefur
Directed by William F. Claxton
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It's Walnut Grove vs. Sleepy Eye in the annual baseball battle. Star pitcher Mr. Mumford appears to be an ace up Walnut Grove's sleeve, until his wife discovers the townspeople are betting heavily on the game's outcome. To put a stop to the madness, she benches him, leaving Caroline to persuade Mrs. Mumford to allow him to play.

The troubles of the Walnut Grove team are not over however, between arguments of the rightful name of the team to Sleepy Eye's Green Stockings' win at any cost attitude the battle for the game is fought in quite an unorthodox manner.



  • Dr. Baker wears a uniform he says is from his college team, the "Mulligans". This is unlikely, as baseball was a gentleman's club sport when he would have been in college and the very first college challenge game (between Williams and Amherst) was in 1859 -- only about 15 years before this episode takes place.?
  • On the scoreboard, Laura writes a 2 on Walnut Grove's side. The shape of the 2 changes the next time they show the board.?
  • All the base ball (two words back then) players on the Sleepy Eye team are wearing gloves when fielding. In the year depicted in this episode, only the catcher and occasionally the first baseman wore gloves. It wasn't until the late 1890s that all fielders wore them.?

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