Little House on the Prairie
Season 2, Episode 10
Episode 34
Air date December 10, 1975
Written by Arthur Heinemann
Directed by Michael Landon
Episode Guide
Ebenezer Sprague
The Gift

While fishing in a stream, Laura and her friend Jonah find a glittery substance that looks like gold. Laura spends her days gathering the "gold dust" and begins fantasizing about her family being very, very rich ... and the Olesons being dirt poor. The secrecy starts to lead to squabbling and hasty action from the nosy Oleson children. In the end, the truth becomes a disappointment to the two excited children.



Guest Star



  • In this episode's dream sequences, we have the rare experience of not only seeing Alison Arngrim (Nellie)'s natural hair, but seeing it completely straight! This is obviously when Laura is fantasizing about the Olesons being dirt poor, and Arngrim doesn't wear her Nellie wig.?


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