Little House on the Prairie
Season 3, Episode 3
Episode 48
Air date October 18, 1976
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Michael Landon
Episode Guide
I'll Ride the Wind
The Race


Nellie goes for a ride on Bunny, Laura's beloved horse, and begins to mistreat it. The horse goes wild and throws Nellie off. Nellie is shaken up but not seriously hurt; however, Nellie decides to pretend that she has been paralyzed in the accident. Laura believes it and, in remorse, decides to help Nellie.

However, Mrs. Oleson decides that the only way things can be made right is by shooting Bunny. One day when visiting the Olesons, Laura finds out that Nellie is just fine, and schemes to expose the fake paralysis by taking Nellie on a little ride in her wheelchair. Nellie is pushed down a hill and lands in a pond. She stands up and is exposed as a liar. Nellie's father gives Laura back her horse. After Nellie looks out the window that Bunny is given back to Laura, she loses her temper and destroys her room, and screeches out loud and repeatedly that she hates Laura.


Cast Member Character Portrayed
Michael Landon Charles Ingalls
Karen Grassle Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert Laura Ingalls
Melissa Sue Anderson Mary Ingalls
Lindsay Greenbush Carrie Ingalls
Sidney Greenbush Carrie Ingalls
Barney Jack


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