Little House on the Prairie
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Air date March 14, 1977
Written by Robert Janes
Directed by Michael Landon
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Laura makes friends with Anna, a girl who stutters and has made few friends as a result. Later, Nellie starts a club and invites Laura to join but not Anna. While at the Mercantile, Laura steals a music box. Nellie catches her in the act but decides to keep silent about the incident on the condition that Laura break off her friendship with Anna.

Later, Nellie inducts Anna into the club, but only to humiliate her. Laura goes along with the teasing, but Mary soon gets Laura to confess everything that's happened. In the end, Charles makes Laura admit to Nels that she stole the music box. Nels is disappointed but praises Laura for coming clean, which is nothing compared to the punishment Nellie is about to face. Laura also must make amends with Anna, who is terribly hurt by the earlier shenanigans at the Olesons'. Nellie is punished by her father without her mother's permission.


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