Little House on the Prairie
Season 4, Episode 1
Episode 68
Air date September 12,1977
Written by Tony Kayden
Directed by Michael Landon
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Gold Country, Part 2
Times of Change


Laura is given an order by her mother to care for her dog, Jack, before going to town to greet a newcomer, Kezia Horn, who lives in a house without walls. Laura becomes frustrated at Jack and gives up trying to take the ticks out of his ears. Mary, Laura, Nellie and Willie go to visit Kezia and find out what a unique, yet kind person she is. When Laura arrives home, she finds old Jack dead in the barn.

In tears, she and her family bury him in the meadow. Later, Charles brings home a stray dog that followed him home from Mankato but Laura refuses to bond with the dog. Kezia speaks to Laura about how the dog only wants to love her, and how she is also wanting to love others but not being accepted.

Guilt-ridden Laura runs to find the dog and bonds with him. Reverend Alden speaks with Kezia and she decides to leave Walnut Grove because no one is accepting of her. It's up to Laura to get everyone to change their minds before it is too late.

Background Information

This is the first Appareance of Jonathan and Alice Garvey(Merlin Olsen,Hersha Parady)in the Series.



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Gold Country (Part 2) Times of Change

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