Little House on the Prairie
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Air date October 2, 1978
Written by Michael Landon
Directed by Michael Landon
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Laura makes friends with a shy classmate, but winds up jeopardizing the friendship when she makes fun of an obese man, not knowing he is the girl's father. True remorse doesn't come until the man falls seriously ill. Laura and the injured gentlemens' daughter learn to take a closer look at others from the inside out.



Laura: Adam! Adam! You better get down to the blind school. Mary's madder than a wet hen!
Adam: Not having been raised on a farm, I'm not quite sure how mad that is.
Laura: Trust me, it's mad!

Amelia (to her mother as her father listens outside the door): Why did we have to move here? I hate it here!
Bess: Your father had to find work. You know that.
Amelia: When we were on the farm, we were away. The children didn't see him.
Bess: Amelia, I won't have you saying such things! Now, your father loves you. He tries his best.
Amelia: I don't want him to meet my friends. I don't want them to see him and I don't want them to know he's my father!

Caroline (when Laura is crying about the jokes she made about Amelia's father): All right, that's enough now.
Laura: But we didn't know he was her father.
Caroline: The point isn't whether you knew, is it? The point is that we should never make cruel comments about anyone.
Laura: It wasn't just me.
Caroline: Oh, you know better than to use an excuse like that!
Laura: I know.
Caroline: Tomorrow, when you see Amelia at school, I'm sure you will apologize.
Laura: What will I say?
Caroline: You thought of the jokes. You can think of an apology.

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