Little House on the Prairie
Season 5, Episode 13
Episode 102
Air date December 4, 1978
Written by John T. Dugan
Directed by William F. Claxton
Episode Guide
Blind Journey, Part 1
The Godsister


In Winoka, Mrs. Oleson is disappointed to discover that Mrs. Terhune is not an elite society lady from St. Louis, but rather Hester Sue Terhune, the African American caretaker of the blind school that has merged with the one run by the Kendalls. During the journey back to Walnut Grove, Mrs. Oleson must overcome her racism and Adam must overcome his fear of water. Upon return to Walnut Grove, Nels is shocked to see that his wife has overcome her racism (for now).






Hester Sue: Just for the record, I have been married once and I don't plan on being married again. Not to anyone. Not if he was the last man on Earth. But of course you may call me "Hester Sue."
Joe (chuckles): Hester Sue, the town you're going to ain't nothin' like St. Louis where there's lots of colored folk. In Walnut Grove, as far as you're concerned, I am the last man on Earth.

Adam (to Mary): This afternoon, I was so afraid I couldn't even move.
Mary: Adam, it happens.
Adam: Being a coward? In front of my wife?
Mary: Adam, you're not a coward. We all get scared.
Adam: Before I lost my sight, I went fishing with my father. It was a small stream. Rushing water, rocks all around. I was just jumping from one rock to another and I slipped. My head hit a rock and then I was drowning in the dark and fighting the dark & fighting the cold. Next thing, I was in bed in the hospital and a doctor I couldn't see, never would see. He was telling me I'd be just fine. He was a very kind man. He was much too kind to tell me I was going blind. (starts to cry.)
Mary: Adam, after what you've been through, you have every right to be afraid. Every right to cry. But Adam, never, never be ashamed.
Adam: I love you, Mary.
Mary: I love you, Adam.

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