"Episode 516: Blind Man's Bluff"
Season 5, Episode 16
# in Series
Air date January 15, 1979
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Written by Arthur Heinemann
Directed by William F. Claxton
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Laura's schoolmate and friend, Jordon Harrison, has dreams of one day working for a circus but is troubled by his quarreling parents. After an accident causes temporary blindness, Jordan pretends to remain blind in an effort to bring his parents closer together and avoid their upcoming divorce. Laura discovers Jordan's deception and struggles about whether she should tell everyone the truth.



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Jordan (to Belle): Why are you and Pa getting divorced?
Belle: Because we can't live together. You've heard us. We had another fight this morning.
Jordan: Yeah, over a sugar bowl.

Laura (after bounding into the blind school with Jordan): I wrote a book in Braille for you to read to the children.
Mary: Thanks. I'll read it later. Hannah's parents are visiting all the way from Minneapolis, and we want to spend some time.
Hester Sue: In the meantime, why don't you two come into the kitchen? I have some doughnuts.
Laura: Doughnuts? Oh boy, we'll be in the kitchen! (she and Jordan run out loudly)
Mary (to Hannah's parents) That was my very shy little sister.

Laura (voice-over): There was no need to tell anyone about Jordan. God had already decided how he wanted it to be. Jordan never did remember. If he did, I think he would have told his folks. I think.

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