Little House on the Prairie
Season 4, Episode 19
Episode 4-19
Air date February 12, 1979
Written by John T. Dugan
Directed by Michael Landon
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The Sound of Children
Barn Burner
Quote1 That was one of the sillier episodes ever filmed, I really liked that one. Quote2

Alison Arngrim


Mrs. Oleson attempts to evict Kezia from her house by the lake. She, Willie and Nellie move in and force Kezia to serve as their maid, but Laura, Albert and Andy Garvey hatch a plan to drive the Olesons away.

They get Kezia to concoct a story about a monster that inhabits the lake, and then dress up as the monster. The plan works, the Olesons run away screaming, and Kezia keeps her house.



Special Guest Star



  1. Little House Exclusive Interview: Alison Arngrim

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The Sound of Children Barn Burner

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