Little House on the Prairie
Season 6, Episode 11
Episode 125
Air date November 26, 1979
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Caroline's mother and stepfather come for a visit, but on the trip her mother passes away. Caroline's stepfather, Henry Holbrook is then distraught until he is convinced to write an autobiography. Meanwhile, Mary finally gives birth to the Ingalls' first grandchild, Adam Charles Holbrook Kendall.


  • The story Albert and Laura tell to raise money for their grandpa is the same story that Andy and Albert told to get to stay at a boarding house for free in the Season 5 episode "Men Will Be Boys."
  • It seems this is the first time we see Mary pregnant again after suffering from a miscarriage the previous season. Still, she gives birth in this very same episode.


Nellie: (to Caroline at the restaurant) What are you doing here? You only work weekends.
Caroline: Oh, well, I was hoping that I might work every day for a while.
Nels: That would be wonderful!
Nellie: I don't know, Father. I'd hate to disappoint my regular customers.
Nels: Disappoint them?
Nellie: I set a very high culinary standard during the week. My cuisine has made a name for itself as far away as Mankato.
Nels: Yes, it's a name I can't repeat in front of Mrs. Ingalls.
Nellie: My customers swear by my cooking!
Nels: That's what I just said.
Laura: Guess who's coming to visit!
Adam: The stork!
Laura: No, that's the right reason, but the wrong person. Grandma and Grandpa Holbrook!
Mary: Really? Wow! Adam, we haven't seen them since we left the Big Woods!
Laura: We were just babies then ourselves and now they're coming to see your baby!
Adam: Yes. Many, many babies!
Laura: Many babies?
Mary: Don't worry, he's just joking. (sighs) I hope.
Adam (to Mary): I had a relative once who gave birth to triplets.
Mary: (looks horrified) Triplets?? Are you sure?
Adam: Nah, I guess she must have miscounted.
Mary: Adam, that's not funny!


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