Little House on the Prairie
Season 8, Episode 10
Episode 810
Air date December 7, 1981
Written by Jeri Taylor
Directed by Maury Dexter
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For the Love of Nancy
A Christmas They Never Forgot


Mrs. Oleson decides that reopening Nellie's Restaurant and Hotel as a franchised restaurant will result in big business for the fledgling business. Does she have what it takes to meet the demands of a tough franchiser, and can she fight off unexpected competition from Charles and Nels when they open up their own restaurant?



Major Guffy: You're going to be generals in Mrs. Sullivan's army!
Nels: Well, I don't think we want to be generals in Mrs. Sullivan's army. We'd rather be privates in our own.

Harriet: Nels, where are you going?
Nels: Insane. I'm going insane.

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For the Love of Nancy A Christmas They Never Forgot

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