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Character Portrayed
Karen Grassle Caroline Ingalls
Melissa Gilbert Laura Ingalls Wilder
Missy Francis Cassandra Ingalls
Jason Bateman James Ingalls


Charles (to Addison Fisk): Is this how you make your living? Stealing another man's design?
Addison Fisk: Stealing? That's a rather serious charge.
Charles: Well, what would you call it?
Addison Fisk: Get to the point, Ingalls. What do you want? Money? Forget it. Not a dime.
Charles: Suppose I take you to court?
Addison Fisk: Fine. Who knows? You might even win, that is, after all the appeals. It might drag on for some time, and court costs are very expensive. But if that's what you want, I can afford it. Can you? Let's be philosophical about this, Ingalls. Times have changed. We're in the industrial age now. There's money to be made, too much to be concerned with certain niceties. Look, you've had a good run, you've made a little money. Now it's my turn. Business is business. It's only a design. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm busy.
Charles: It's my design! It has my mark on it!
Addison Fisk: Not anymore.

Charles (to Caroline): I know it won't be easy for everyone, moving to Minneapolis, but this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I can't pass it up.
Caroline: Charles, I can't believe you're serious! You're ready to just give up the farm and everything we've worked for?
Charles: Yes, I am.
Caroline: But you're a farmer! You've always been satisfied with that.
Charles: I'm not anymore.

Charles: (to Sven) You want to know why I started all this, all this working? Because I wanted to be remembered. To have my initials on some piece of furniture. I wanted strangers to remember me. I didn't even give my own children a chance to remember me. With the way I was, they would never even know me.

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