George Galender
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Sam Galender (brother)
Bubba Galender

Behind the scenes
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309: The Bully Boys

Latest appearance

309: The Bully Boys


Roy Jenson


George Galender was the eldest of the Galender brothers.


George and his brother Sam extort goods and services from various businesses in Walnut Grove. George instigates and is joined by Sam in harassing Caroline Ingalls. When she attempts to leave, he physically detains her, causing her to spill the eggs she was carrying and flee in a panic.

George and Sam are then visited by Charles Ingalls, who is enraged when he learns that they touched his wife. George and Sam nonchalantly taunt Charles by describing his wife as "handsome" and "soft."

Charles attacks the two brothers, but is overpowered, sustaining three broken ribs in the ensuing fight, and deposited unconscious in his buckboard, where he is found by Isaiah Edwards.

The three Galender brothers are escorted from the town by the men of Walnut Grove, allowed only to take the things they brought with them.

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