The Lone Wolf Dog

During the trip to Sleepy Eye. the wolf dog was lonely in the woods with no one to care for the Lonely dog Along the way, a feral wolf tags behind the Ingalls wagon, staying with them at a camp. Later, in Sleepy Eye, two robbers overhear that Ingalls has thousands of dollars in his possession (payment from the delivery run) and plot to rob them. However the wolf chase the robbers down and Sven Explain the two were lucky he was a good Guard Dog. that night the wolf dog comport the two rest by Charles foot and James. Still next mounring James was so to let him go the wolf dog grown behind them a Bear which he fight him still he bitten by him Charles rush to the Wagon and that his riffle then shot the bear a fligten bear run away and inruse Wolf dog badly hurt rush to doctor Baker by charles and son james to nurse back to health back home after hearing the news gideon return james with the wolf dog came to alforgies for his stuffels gideon that attach to the wolf dog and wish he has a pet dog james gives the dog to the Hales Family Gideon Forgiven the two became friends again and went fishing with his new guard dog as the Episode ended.