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Jimmy Hill makes his first and only appearance in an episode called "The Rivals.

Laura develops a crush on him after he helps pull her out of the creek. She wears her hair down the next day to try to be more of a "girl", but is alarmed to see Jimmy inviting another girl, Samantha Higgins, another tomboy, to play baseball with them instead of her. Laura asks Nellie for advice, and Nellie tells her to put apples in her dress to try to win him over. In class, she reached up to write something on the blackboard and her left apple fell out of her dress, embarrassing her, while Nellie snickers from her seat. Laura is comforted by her Ma, and the next day, Laura goes to school wearing her usual dress and braids. She plays baseball and scores a home run with Samantha pitching. While walking home, she drops her books and Jimmy helps her pick them up. They share a kiss, delighting Laura.

Behind the Scenes

Jimmy Hill was portrayed by actor Chis Peterson.

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