Judd Larabee is a character who was seen on several fourth- and fifth-season episodes of Little House On the Prairie. He was played by Don "Red" Barry.

Larabee is a hard-working farmer in Hero Township, but amongst the townspeople of Walnut Grove, that's where his virtues end. Larabee is strongly opinionated and bigoted, with many of his comments crossing the lines of outright racism. His racist comments have extended to Native Americans, Jews and African-Americans, in each of the episodes he appeared in.

His racism came to a head in the Season 5 episode "Barn Burner," where Larabee gets into a dispute with other farmers over starting a grain cooperative and setting prices for everyone, including Joe Kagan, an African-American farmer who had recently settled in Hero Township. Larabee appears to be convinced to go along with the cooperative but goes back on his word and makes a backroom deal with a mill owner. Jonathan Garvey, a man who had grown increasingly frustrated with Larabee's attitudes and racism, calls him out on this. An vengeful Larabee goes to the Garveys to kill Jonathan in response but finds son Andy home alone and attacks him. While Andy leaves, he leaves a lantern by the barn, and the sparks cause the barn to catch fire. Larabee is arrested and put on trial for barn burning, with a guilty verdict resulting in a mandatory death sentence. Larabee is ultimately acquitted ... thanks due to Joe Kagan's stalling deliberations long enough for Andy to come forward and admit his own carelessness, not Larabee, caused the fire. (Larabee is still convicted of assault and ordered to pay back Jonathan for the value of his lost wheat crop.)

In the aftermath, Larabee learns that Joe, the lone black man on the jury, was responsible for his freedom. Instead of being enlightened and thanking him, he calls him every racist name in the book, including the n-word. Kagan curses him out, not long before Judd's wife finally tells him she has had enough of him and his influencing their two young sons and that she is leaving him. Everyone turns their backs to Larabee as he tries to backtrack on his words, before bitterly cursing them all: "I don't need nobody!"

"Barn Burner" marked the last appearance of Larabee, and unofficial fan sites have suggested that not long after the events of that episode, Larabee suffered a massive heart attack and died.

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