Katherine MacGregor in her later years.


Richard Bull and Katherine MacGregor.

Katherine MacGregor also known as Dorlee Deane McGregor (birth name), and Scottie MacGregor (b. January 12, 1925) is a California theater and television actress. She is best-known for playing Harriet Oleson from 1974 to 1983 on Little House on the Prairie.


Mrs. Oleson was at the same time both onerous and endearing to children and adults, alike, as audiences watched her character practice self-aggrandizement; usually to her own detriment. She will be remembered as one of the most talented supporting actors of her generation. After Little House on the Prairie, Katherine MacGregor withdrew from screen productions in favor of local theater. Since Katherine was busy with her own work after the Little House on the Prairie ended, she did not appear in the three special episodes later and soon retired from acting afterwards.

She was also briefly married to fellow actor Bert Remsen.


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