Ketty Lester (b. August 16, 1934) is an Arkansas born singer and actress, who played Hester-Sue Terhune on Little House on the Prairie. After a brief stint in an off-Broadway production, Cabin in the Sky, she was signed to Era Records which released "Love Letters." The song became a big seller in both the United Kingdom and the United States, and reached number #2 on the Billboard R&B chart.

She played the delightful 'Hester-Sue Terhune' in Little House on the Prairie. She also played Jannie Kagan, the wife of Joe Kagan in the episode The Fighter.

Other television roles for Lester include the role of Helen Grant in the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, and Aunt Lucy in the film House Party 3. She also did voice-overs for the animated cartoon series, G.I. Joe. Her birth name was Revoyda Frierson. She was featured in the film Battered as a minor role (Helen).

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