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Lars Hanson
Played by Karl Swenson
Gender Male
Debut A Harvest of Friends
Occupation Mill owner

Lars Hanson was the founder of Walnut Grove and the first person townsmen checked with when they needed a job or to sell their farms. He was also a town elder.

He was a good friend of Charles, Doc Baker, Reverend Alden, and Nels.

His last appearance is when the Ingalls, Garveys, and Olesons return to Walnut Grove to find it a ghost town. The only members of the town left are a very sick Hanson and Doc Baker. Hanson is very depressed about how his town was abandoned. He tells Charles that there is no way he could bring it back to its glory.

When Charles manages to get everyone back, Reverend Alden has the first church service since the town came back. Everyone is amazed that Hanson managed to make it to church. At the end, the narrorator, Laura, tells of how he died just a few months later.

Behind the scenes

Lars Hanson was portrayed by actor Karl Swenson in all of his appearances.

Background Information

  • Lars Hansons (Karl Swensons)last apparaence in the Series was in the Episode(Theres´ No Place like Home Part 2).

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