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Laura, a Little Girl on the Prairie (草原の少女ローラ) was an anime cartoon based on Little House on the Prairie. It ran for twenty-six half hour episodes, and was directed by Mitsuo Ezaki and Seiji Endô. The opening theme was "Sougen no Shojo Laura" by Kumiko Ousugi the ending theme was "Laura no Komoriuta", by Ousugi as well.

In the original Japanese cast, Kazuko Sugiyama voiced Laura Ingalls. Additionally, production for the show was done by Nippon animation. The show was also done in Italian and Spanish versions.


Japanese cast

  • Kazuko Sugiyama: Laura
  • Eiko Masuyama: Mom
  • Hideo Nakamura: Dad
  • Masako Sugaya: Mary
  • Yoneko Matsukane: Carrie
  • Hiroko Maruyama: Jimmy
  • Ryuuji Saikachi: Fitch
  • Toshio Furukawa: Carlos
  • Yoshiko Ohta: John
  • Yuu Mizushima: Freddy
  • Yuzuru Fujimoto: Dr. Tan


  • Director: Mitsuo Ezaki, Seiji Endô
  • Music: Akihiko Takashima
  • Character design: Yasuji Mori
  • Art director: Masahiro Ioka
  • Animation director: Yasuji Mori
  • Director of photography: Keishichi Kuroki
  • Executive producer: Kôichi Motohashi
  • Audio director: Morio Kobayashi
  • Storyboard writer: Takeyuki Kanda

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