Naomi Terhume was the former wife of Sam Terhune.


Naomi married to Sam sometime after his marriage with Hester-Sue broke-up. Their marriage apparently went well for a time and may have resulted in two children until his drinking and gambling destroyed it. He left her over two months before coming to Walnut Grove taking her money, jewelry, and other things save their wedding picture to support his habits. Over two months later, she showed up in Walnut Grove after a long search for his ex-wife that she figured he would come back to on the eve of Hester-Sue and Sam's wedding, telling her the truth about him and intending to get back what he took from her.

She filed divorce papers just before coming to see Hester-Sue. As she left, she remarked how pretty Hester-Sue looked in her wedding gown. (Episode 816: Second Chance)

Behind the scenes

Naomi Terhume was played by Marguerite DeLain.

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