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The Restaurant and Hotel was a gift to Nellie Oleson from her mother Harriet after graduating from school. At first, Nellie disliked the idea of running the restaurant because of her bad cooking abilities. Luckily her father Nels Oleson, along with Caroline Ingalls, who were much better at cooking, came to help her. Later a young man named Percival Dalton arrived to help Nellie, he soon changed Nellie from her old mean ways, and soon they both were married.

Later when Percival's father died, he and Nellie moved to New York to look after his business, and Caroline with Nels and Hester-Sue run the restaurant. Later Nels' and Harriet's son Willie and his wife run the restaurant

The restaurant, along with the rest of Walnut Grove, was blown up in 1890.

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