Nels own a hunting dog

season 1 Episode Family Qrurril at the beginning, Mrs. Oleson complain about her husband buying a dog where she will has that dog inside the merchant, She fed up with her husband and order him to leave and his dog out until she and a better mood the next day invove Mr. Oleson and his Hound, andther anger with her he staying at the Hotel near Dr. Baker Office with Laura and Mary confused with no questioning why his staying rushing home to tell ma and pa the bad news of the olesons having Affair, the next sence involved mr. oleson and dog returning home outside dog uyally even after Church the Revornd aldan did not turn out very well everyone see the end for the olesons family mrs. oleson and her childrens moving back east for good mr. oleson and his dog back at the hotel until the Ingalls can reunited the couples back together at the end Mrs.Ingalls and the dog see the augureing and left Mrs. Ingalls return home and Nels Dog leaveing.

Season 2 in Remember me part 1 the very same Dog some out to be a female given birth to three babies pups a man took the mother pups away with a open barn door the title opening card with the mother dog very sad because the mean farmer gonna dump the pups and a lake just in time for Laura and Mary to stop him but frighten the girls the girls jump in recue the pups wet pups maybe cold the last some out to be a rock both girls frighten the last one is okey.

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