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Olga Nordstrom
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Jon Nordstrom (father)
Helga Nordstrom (grandmother)

Behind the scenes
First appearance:

Episode 108: Town Party, Country Party

Last appearance

Episode 108: Town Party, Country Party

Played by:

Kim Richards


Olga Nordstrom was a childhood friend of Laura Ingalls.


Olga was a friend of Laura who was born with one leg shorter than the other. Her mother died and she lives with her protective father and grandmother. She was often teased and humiliated by the other children, especially Nellie. The Ingalls family throw her a party to help her feel wanted and happy. Without Olga's father's permission, Charles makes her a shoe so that she can play like the rest of the children and not be completely crippled. This aggravates her father, and makes him get mad at Charles. But, later, when he sees how happy Olga is, he drops into tears and hugs his daughter, thanking Charles for making his daughter happy. (Episode 108: Town Party, Country Party)

Behind the Scenes

Olga was portrayed by actress Kim Richards.