Penelope and her parents was indrodoce during the sermon with Reverend Alden alone side with Almanzo baby brother Perley Day at first Albert has a crush on her but she only was interested into Andy enroll by Mrs. Wilder Albert wanted to invite her to sit next to him but when augie with his sister Laura she would sit near with andy instead even during lunch time albert wanted andy to tell her how nice guy albert really is. but she told that she better with andy and hold his hands miksaken and misdunderstood albert jeloay he would start the fight. with andy saying some friend you are before laura could go inside to albert fighting with andy she break up the fight to her brother why her brother acting this way and no friends should ever fight this way they all went inside even after the ceremony after the Arms wrether the Pig a fun Albert and the rest of the boys would chase after the pigs to win one even sunpders pulling and pants the funniest between the boys and cute how the girls see them and giggles albert want to inresse her the pig and harse to him that she doesn't wants him and calling him a pest overhearing andy said you couldn't be harse and that albert is nice anigery she is saying you just as him and slap him on the face of how she feels and. he put watermelon in her face and over her face as their friends watch this giggling as her with both the boys with good laughs relize she afful the girls and the boy how this makes him giggle with the girls and the arm wrestling with almanzo she seems brighly with her parents.

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