Peter Lundstrom a 12 year old boy Peter is a trouble boy in school because of his behaviors because of difficultly life he has fitting in school and making friends his Father decide to send his son to cousin Nels for the Summer to have a better life but his behaviors grow unmanageable. However' Mrs. Oleson babies the child prompting a frustrated breaking the windows at the mechanics Nels turn to Charles for help in rehabilitating Peter. Unlcle Charles has peter work for him to help pay the damage windows he broke he does whatever unlcle Charles tells him to do he also has to follow task with no eicus he also good friends with Laura Mary and Carrie for all his hard work was a reward for doing so Charles take peter and his girls to the lake to go swimming however peter never swim before because his father nerver teach how to swim but with the help from Mr. Ingalls he was abel to swim very well after the long swim he did enjoy playing with unlcle Charles before tuning in for night saying unlcle Charles i never really had a Father like you hugging him after a changing life for peter a happy boy to see his cousin Nels he surprise for the work he did for mr.ingalls really pay off for the damage windows peter rather stay with unlcle Charles Peter and Charles spical Bond the next day peter family came to see how he enjoying here at Walnut Groove excited peter wanted to show his father he swimming after a long talk with peter father he need to spend more time with son and needs attention his fatherr experience when he was his age his father did the same with mr. ingalls inorew grandma the two went to go swimming together just as the episode ends

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