Sherwood Montague
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Mr. Montague

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First appearance:

Hello and Goodbye

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The Last Farewell

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Robert Casper Lilley


Sherwood Montague (most commonly known as Mr. Montague) was a eccentric English man whom is a writer and now lives in Walnut Grove. He lives in Almanzo and Laura Wilder's house. He is known to be eccentric, smart with medical remedies, and talks multi-languages. The first time he arrived to Walnut Grove, he surprised almost all of the residents with his knowledge, including Laura by showing her how to quiet a crying child, and Doctor Baker by a medical remedy. (Episode 922: Hello and Goodbye)

In Bless All the Dear Children, we find out that Mr. Montague does not like Christmas, but later has a change of heart.

Memorable Quotes

Sherwood Montague: [after reading Nancy's essay, for which she got a D] Your Miss Plum was very generous in giving you a passing grade.
Nancy Oleson: You hate me, too!
Sherwood Montague: Not yet, but if I spent some more time with you, I'm very sure it could develop into that.
Nancy Oleson: I'm gonna kill myself!
(runs upstairs)
Harriet Oleson: Here you are, Mr. Montague, we had everything that was on your list.
Sherwood Montague: Thank you. Put it on my bill.
Harriet Oleson: Yes, certainly. Where's Nancy?
Sherwood Montague: I believe she said she was going upstairs to commit suicide. Good day.
--In "Hello and Goodbye"