OK, So I was thinking and I'm making this blog to tell a lot of How To's. I will update this from time to time and if needed, I will rename this to a wiki page. I hope this helps!

References: How To Use Them

This is an example of how to do references.


Nellie and Laura hated each other. But now they are good friends.[1]


  1. Little House On The Prarie T.V. Series


To get the number where you want the reference to go, simply Type <ref> REFERENCE GOES HERE</ref>

To get the reference list at the end, simply type, <references />

Using The Rollback Tool

First, What is the rollback tool?

The Rollback tool is a tool, only available to rollbacks and administrators, Instead of clicking he undo button, you can simply pusk rollback, and in one single click, you have the edit undone.Rollback1 The Rollback Tool Is Circled In Red.

Being A Chat Moderator

Coming Soon

Administrator Tools

Coming Soon

Templates: How To Make Them

Making templates is simple. All you need to do is simply make a ner page and name it Template:TEMPLATE NAME GOES HERE. To use a template simply type {{TEMPLATE NAME GOES HERE}}

Signatures: How To Make Them

Coming Soon

How To: Make User Sub-Pages

Coming Soon

How To: Archive

Coming Soon

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