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  • I live in No 7 Privet Drive!!! Argh!!!! (Must I really live with the Dursleys? It was a lot better when Harry was around! He's gone and married Ginny Weasley!) Ha, ha, ha...
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    September 2, 2013 by Helen Grass

    OK, this is my first blog post, so I'm not sure how to start. Anyway. About my favourites on LHOTP.

    Fave Book... Has to be Little House on the Prairie

    Character... Laura. But I do have a soft spot for Caroline Ingalls too.

    Episode... The Pilot, Country Girls, The Last Farewell. The Last Farewell made me cry at the end. And I'm normally SO not a crying person, by the way. But it was so sad, seeing Walnut Grove being blown up after watching it for nearly ten years!

    Actress (from LHOTP)... Oh, this has to be Karen Grassle, but Melissa Gilbert did a great job too.

    Actor (from LHOTP)... Um, not sure, but I think it must be Dean Butler. And Victor French!

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