• LydiaRose121

    Nellie Oleson

    January 20, 2014 by LydiaRose121

    Nellie Oleson from Little House On The Prairie was a spoiled and very mean little girl, but I always was a big fan of her because she always was very pretty, even if her looks were deceiving. Nellie Oleson was rivals (enemies) with Laura Ingalls when they were little girls. I can't say I blame Nellie sometimes Laura did start trouble with Nellie alot of times. Laura Defanitley had no right whatsoever to say that she hated Nellie Oleson, on many episodes Laura set a bad example on other kids how? by always fighting with Nellie. I don't think Laura Ingalls really acted that way in real life. But I guess Michael Landon just wanted to change things. Like I said I've always been a fan of Nellie Oleson and always will be.

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