William Westehoff
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Behind the scenes
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805: A Wiser Heart

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805: A Wiser Heart


William Westehoff is the professor at the Arizona seminar that Laura attends with Eliza Jane. He bumps in with Eliza Jane at a restaurant, and Eliza instantly falls in love with him. To her surprise, he is the professor of the seminar she is attending. William is married, but corrupt. He doesn't seem to notice yet that Eliza is in-love with him, but he seems to like Laura, and tells her that if she does not have a date with him, she will fail on her test. Laura explains to Westehoff that she is married, but he says that he is too. Laura tries to explain to Eliza Jane who Westehoff really is, and what he has in mind, but Eliza doesn't listen to Laura. But then, when Mort sends her flowers, she believes it was William, and tells him that she doesn't care that he is married, but she loves him. That is when William's wife comes, and Eliza asks him if he sent the flowers, while he replies that he has no clue what she is talking about. Then, when Westehoff is passing out the tests, he failed Laura, while Mort says she has an excellent score. William suggested they have a fight, after they reveal that Mort had a better schooling than William did, but Mort wins.